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Breaking Into The Music Industry As An Artist

Find out how to break into the music industry or how to find music industry jobs from some of the top experts.

If you are trying to break into the music industry, then music promotional ideas are definitely what you are looking for as a musician resource. Imagine the possibilities out there. You have the Internet, word of mouth, lives shows and many other opportunities to promote your CD or band. I mean it is 2007, the digital age! There is absolutely no excuse out there for not properly promoting your music whatsoever!

Ok, first you have to cover all your bases, be prepared. Do you have your act together? Do you have your promotional kit, demos to promote your CD, pictures, bios, resumes, t-shirts, mini-DVDs, posters, business cards, performance dates and a great website? If you can answer yes to all of the above then you are on the right track. If you cannot, then you have some work to do because this is only the beginning of music promotional ideas for your band.

Honestly, everyone knows that musicians, especially ones that are just starting out, don’t have a plethora of funds. But that is o.k.! Take a side job while you are trying to bust into the industry because you will need a little extra cash. Next, get together all of the above suggested items.

You can gather these items for a relatively inexpensive price. Do you have friends that are artists? Have them draw you something up. The best musician resource out there is a website, get one! This is where you can market yourself to the entire world. You can blog, put up schedules, start a mailing list, display your music and reach every one in the world for relatively cheap.

Check online for deals on the design of any posters, business cards and pictures or better yet, do it yourself! There is a plethora of software programs that will aid you in creating just about anything you want to promote your CD. A great musician resource that you should consider purchasing is the Industry Yellow Pages. This will give you access to radio stations, record stores, music distributors, music conferences, press contacts and much more!

Music promotional ideas do not come few and far between, they are everywhere! You just have to stay committed, focused and energized. Get creative and explore every option out there. Network, Network and then network some more! If you want to promote your CD or band then book gigs, advertise, market and get yourself and your music noticed. Remember, you won’t make it anywhere sitting back and waiting for things to happen to you.

Owning Your Own Record Label

The Independent Record Label Dream By: Ty Cohen

Owning your very own record label is a dream that will become a reality for many. Anyone can do this! From the artist who just wants their music heard, to the manager, promoter or producer who is sure they have found the "next big thing." Maybe you are sick of trying to secure another release with some other label. So, why not make your own label a brand in itself. Sometimes you just need someone to get you on the right track when deciding how to start an independent record label.

The real exciting thing about the music industry is that aside from the legal rules and regulations, there is always room for innovation. Innovation can come from anything, high quality music, a great business idea or an original or exciting idea. With any of these, success in learning how to start a record label is right around the corner.

Let's start with all the ways you can fund your label. First you can use capital or personal savings. If that is not available to you then you also have bank overdraft, loans from friends or family, loans from a bank or loans from owners or directors. Loans might come easier if you can convince people you know how to start and run your own record label.

If your budget requires you to start out small, that is ok. You don't have to be loaded to figure out how to start a record label. All you really need to do is complete the product/record and get it released. The key in the beginning is obviously to generate some profits or at least break even.

Low budgets often don't allow for a huge amount of marketing. This is where the internet will be your most powerful ally. There are so many powerful tools on the internet for Indie record labels that it is unbelievable. From MySpace to WebPages to CD Baby, a service that caters to Indie Labels, learning how to start and run your own record label isn't hard with all these options.

So, your homework is to write out a starter budget. What will you have for expenses? Where will the income be generated from? And most importantly, create a solid business plan. Then write out a timeline that includes a one to five year plan. Consult with others in the industry; gain as much knowledge as possible. Educate yourself on the ins and outs of the biz and you will be one step closer to success.

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