Apple Bottom Clothing

Apple Bottom Clothing Apple Bottom Clothing

Apple Bottom Clothing

Apple Bottom Clothing caters to trend-setting women of all shapes and sizes. Celebrating and liberating the natural curves of a woman's body is Apple Bottoms' ultimate mission. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Apple Bottom Jeans is the brainchild of multi-platinum superstar Nelly. He describes the intent behind the design by saying, "A woman should not try to fit the clothes; the clothes should fit the woman" His creative team of designers crafted the perfect fit for different shapes that accentuate the curves of all women. Nelly is personally involved in the process to ensure that the designs enhance the beauty of the woman who wears them.

Since the release of this clothing line they have become one of the hottest urban clothing line that caters to females of all shapes and sizes. The brands popularity was fueled by the recent smash single "Low" by T-Pain and adored by celebrities including Oprah, Alicia Keys, and Ciara.

Apple Bottoms is now a full clothing line for women, containing jeans, skirts, shorts, shirts, and even jackets. There are both casual and dressy looks in his line, so everyone is offered a wide variety of choices of flattering clothes that can fit comfortably. Apple Bottom Clothing

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