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Scarface has impacted a whole new generation of fans while retaining its original audience. It is hailed as the greatest “gangsta” movie of all time. The main appeal of the movie is how an immigrant who started out with nothing except raw violent ambition makes it to be the top drug dealer and gangster in Miami’s underworld. Montana is a Cuban exile who arrives in Miami seeking fortune in the US. He and his friend Manny have little interest in cleaning dishes in a fast-food van, so they jump at the chance to perform a drug deal for top Miami mobster, Frank Lopez. Pretty soon they’re on Frank’s payroll, and Tony has seen the opportunity to make a lot more money than Frank is willing to risk, by trafficking drugs from Bolivia under the noses of the local drug lords.

Tony Montana is brought vividly to life by Al Pacino whose Cuban accent is so thick it’s comical. But Pacino gives the role a level of intensity second only to his performance in Dog Day Afternoon. Whether he’s trying to break his way past US immigration, sweet-talk Frank’s icy mistress Elvira (Michelle Pfeiffer) or blowing the hell out of his enemies in a cocaine-fueled rage, its hard to take your eyes off Pacino. Everyone could relate to the struggle that Tony went through but the point is this: crime does not pay. Ultimately, Tony lost his family, friends, and his life.

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