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Akademiks Clothing

Akademiks Clothing

Akademiks Clothing

Akademiks Clothing Akademiks Clothing

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Founder of Emmit Harrell, States: We are our own fans and our own customer. We grew up in the lifestyle and now we’re designing the product for the consumer. When you’re designing you can’t reinvent the wheel. You have to have five pocket jeans or flat front trousers or a sweater or tee shirt but putting a twist on it to reflect the audience is what we do. We add the cleverness to it. We’re the thinking brand so we do a lot with detail that has double meaning. When we first started Akademiks there weren’t as many players on the field. We were able to do what we wanted, when we wanted and however we wanted to. And we’ve become a pretty big monster in this industry. We’re in the top three of who’s doing what, who’s who and who’s hot. Globally, our name is mentioned. You have a lot of talented streetwear kids out there and their companies are growing but there’s more talent then there is product. But as far as the look and what’s going on, it’s definitely in streetwear and I think there’s a nice fusion between urban and streetwear to make up for what’s going on right now. Akademiks Clothing

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